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Shinjimasu International Karate Association


Grand Master Charles Dixon is the Founder of Shinjimasu International Martial Arts (SIMA) – SIMA cannot be described as a style but rather a system.  Unique in the approach to the Martial Arts, SIMA allows a member to learn more than one style within a system, allowing a member to choose a style tailored to his or her personality. Shinjimasu International is not one style but a home for all martial artists of various styles. Each instructor may teach his or her own style as a part of the Shinjimasu family.


Meaning of Shinjimasu

(S) Stands for the strength that makes each Karate Kai unyielding.

(H) Stands for the home that the Sensel have given us that shall always remain ours.

(I) Stands for the instructors whom we all respect and love so well.

(N) Stands for no one. No one can surpass the true love and dedication that we the Shinjimasu Karate Kais possess for the pure martial arts.

(J) Stands for the joining of love that we the Dojo brothers and sisters have for each other.

(I) Stands for the continuous dedication and involvement. Thus the gift that the Sensei has given us that shall always remain our way of life.

(M) Stands for more, more experience that we shall seek in life.

(A) Stands for all of us. This we swear: To protect society and not to destroy.

(S) Stands for the strength and tranquility that surrounds us after each practice.

(U) Stands for the unknown that we shall always venture in.


Questions Asked By Instructor Answers From The Students
When does a Karate Kai give up? Never.
What must we be? We must quick to seize opportunity.
What must we keep? We shall always keep the fighting spirit of Karate.
Do we love Karate? Yes, we are proud to study the spirit of Shinjimasu Karate. We will always have patience and courtesy.
Repeat after me: Strength comes from Health.
Speed comes from effort.
Technique comes from experience.
Willpower comes from faith. Serenity comes from old knowledge. Progress comes from new knowledge.
What is Kamikasa? Controlled hatred designed to attack and destroy your enemy if he attacks you.
What Is Kama? To react without thought.



About Shinjimasu and Shaolin Goju


Shaolin Goju is a direct descendant of the Southern Chinese Kempo System of Master Ryu Ryuko, then passed down to Master Kanryo Kigaonna who founded and developed the Naha-Te system, who then passed it down to Master Miyagi Chojun who founded and developed the Goju Ryu system.

Professor Charles Dixon founded and developed Shinjimasu and Shaolin Goju.

Brief Timeline of Events

1890    Kanryo Higaonna introduces Naha-Te and a breathing exercise called Sanchin

1927    Chojun Miyagi founds Goju Ryu Karate

1930    Gogen Yamaguchi establishes Japanese Goju Ryu headquarters in Tokyo

1953    Shaolin Goju is founded by Grandmaster Charles Dixon

1959    Peter Urban introduces Goju Ryu to the United States

1960    Anthony Mirakian brings Okinawan Goju Ryu (Meibukan) to the United States

1973    Ron Van Clef forms Chinese Goju